He Set the Bar High

Created by Linda360 on 15/10/2014
Jim was one of my main professors as well as my thesis advisor at Maitripa College. He helped me select a thesis topic, establish the structure, and create a reading list for the paper. He invested a considerable amount of his own time in this project; I was stunned that he weighed every sentence multiple times. The first time I thought I had finished the paper, Jim returned it covered with comments, corrections, and questions. Almost every page. Fifty five pages. The second time I thought I was finished, Jim looked at the flow of the language. He found every awkward phrase, every failure to be lucid. The third time I thought I was finished, Jim further refined the language of the first two times. He corrected the tone. Snippy? No place for that. Outraged? Not here. Critical? Certainly, but expressed in a scholarly way. The biggest thing I learned from these rewrites was how difficult it is to express complicated philosophical points. I only managed it with Jim's help. Because of his refusal to let my awkward sentences go unchallenged, I wrote a better paper. Because of writing a better paper, I became more discerning and able to read the works of real scholars and translators. Thank you, Jim! That was his gift to me, opening up my mind in that way, broadening my access to the understandings I seek. I already miss him more than I can say. Submitted by Linda Marshall Maitripa graduating class of 2009