A Kind and Powerful Presence

Created by louise on 08/10/2014
A few years ago during my daughter Namdrol’s emergency brain surgery at OHSU in Portland, we were sitting in a sort of balcony/mezzanine outside the waiting area for the surgical team to come report to us. It was a terrifying few hours, not knowing what was the cause of her stroke nor if she would survive any attempted remedy. Jim appeared at the beginning and just sat quietly in a chair next to me and never left for the next 3 hours. Little Ben occasionally would come running up and crawl into his father’s lap or sit next to him to receive help with drawing pictures of planes and stars and suns to give to Namdrol when she “woke up”. Jim’s presence was so calming and his loving, protective arms around Ben so beautiful and reassuring. I’m sure Jim was doing mantras and prayers but he was just so quiet, so strong, so clear, so unobtrusive, and so peaceful about it all. And in fact, this is how he seemed to always move through the world whenever I would meet him on trips to Portland over the past decade since Maitripa was first conceived. I will never forget and will always be thankful. –Louise Light