Common Bonds

Created by darrenblittlejohn on 08/10/2014
Jim was one of the first people at Maitripa to reach out to me. He and I shared our long term recovery as well as our love for Dharma. He wrote a blurb for my first book and the last one. He was a guest speaker at our 12-Step Buddhist group on several occasions. People always wanted to connect with him after. He invited us to his home for gumbo parties year after year. Once, in 2011 when I was having an especially difficult moment, he invited me over and sat with me while we talked about the problem and the solution, from a Buddhist and a recovery perspective. Jim was present during many teachings and initiations at Maitripa and translated for a lama that we were hosting once in Portland. I didn't know he was ill and am deeply saddened by his passing. We will do practice for you today Jim, on this Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse day. May you pass through the bardo of death and enter the bardo of the dharmata to become an enlightened Buddha immediately. OM AH HUM