Friend, Counselor and Guru

Created by todd scudiere on 26/10/2014
I went to grad school with dear Jim and remained friends with him all through my Madison days. He continues to be a role model for me and someone I always looked up to. Then in 1997-1998 I studied in Varanasi, India and he was in Sarnath doing research. We spent a lot of time together and he was such a rock of foundation for me during that period too. And we also had a blast hanging out often at the Yogi Lodge in Varanasi! So many great memories. Jim's eyes smiled, laughed and exuded unconditional love simultaneously. He is truly an exceptional being. Just being in his presence had a hugely positive impact on people. I'll never forget going to Kathmandu once on a random weekend while living in India, and not knowing he had arrived in South Asia, looking out my hotel room only to see him sitting at a table eating a pizza across the way :) Love and miss you Jim.