Jim's light shines on

Created by sangpo on 08/11/2014
I just learned of Jim's passing. And though some of my teachers and friends had also passed recently, learning of Jim's impacted me the most. I met Jim in 2010 while visiting Portland and Maitripa, and had an immediate connection with him - we were instant friends. He and I definitely had some karma together. I enjoyed seeing him on occasion in the four years since at various events when I was in the US visiting from Asia where I was living. I was looking forward to the next time I might see him. I am really so delighted to see such a touching memorial to Jim, and that my experience of his warmth and gentleness was experienced by many, that he effectively touched so many lives. I'm tempted to say a light has left this world, but that is not the case. The legacy he has left in the people he has encountered and hearts he has touched shows it illuminates even brighter. I send my Love to Tiffany, Ben and Jim's family, Maitripa and students. Gyalten Sangpo /