First and Last, Always Welcome

Created by danrubinpsyd on 21/10/2014
My first memory of Jim is of him carefully watching me from the audience as a gave a talk at Maitripa in 2010. He was so curious and present. It would have been easy for me to be intimidated, since I didn't know him and really wanted to make a good impression, but Jim held a space for me to just be myself. The last time I spoke with Jim was just after a Maitripa meeting last September, a few weeks before he passed way. I had given a brief talk to a group of students and staff about ways we could continue nurture and take care of each other. Jim was there, and he stopped me as we were leaving Maitripa through the door on Market St. It was a sunny day. He smiled and said, "Dan, I'm glad you're here." As a friend and colleague, Jim always held a space of welcome for me. He took really good care of so many of us. I miss him. A lot. - Dan Rubin