You demonstrated that you understood everything you devoted your academic career to in the most conventional and subtle senses. No big deal. Didn't need to be. Such sure, authentic, pervasive enjoyment needs no fanfare, no warm up. You executed with minimal motion and concept, realization as still air or breeze; whatever the moment called for. It was like being swaddled in liquid silk to be in your presence; never was there irritant in your demeanor. Pure equanimity. You and Tiffany are two of the most perfectly accomplished I have yet met. I expect we will be seeing you again. Thank you for everything - so much, done so well as a true maestro of the longings of beings, with love beyond the vastness of the sky, beyond the depth of space.

Lit by Tess on 10/10/2014

This candle went out on 10th October 2015.