My Annual Treat

Created by Brian on 20/11/2016
Every year for several years, I had the privilege of meeting with Jim at the annual baseball card collectors convention. Honestly, since his passing I haven't really had a huge desire to go again, and haven't. In my life I have met very few genuine people, Jim Blumenthal was just that, an excellent and genuine person. He reached out to both myself, and my brother Tony, after we lost our father to cancer. Out of the blue today I thought of Jim, and just wanted to see his picture online to remind me how I wanted people to perceive an honest and good person, and I found this forum. One of my favorite dinners of all time was with Jim and my brother; I'm pretty sure we tried every dessert on the menu. He was someone I will always strive to be like, and he is dearly missed.

Thank you for the memories,

Brian Arnold