Jim's passing came as a thunder bolt while in retreat with Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Our lives so fragile, our time of death so uncertain. Following a deep sadness for all those who will be so painfully impacted by the loss, was a sense of joy for a life so well spent. Jim's loving heart and virtuous activities, particularly his work for Geshe Sopa and Yangsi Rinpoche, such an inspiration for others and such a cause of happiness for his next incarnation. Such activity makes it definite to again connect with his spiritual guides and friends and, for this, he is a most fortunate one. Daily prayers are being made by the assembly here that our dear dharma friend with the compassionate Chenrezig smile will be cared for by all the Buddhas in his transition and immediately take rebirth in a perfect human form or pure land. As we met this life, may we meet again as supportive dharma friends, assisting each other along the way to become beacons of wisdom and compassion for others. In loving remembrance, merry and harry

Sent by merrycolony on 12/10/2014